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A post on Dean's World [H/T: INDC Journal] argues that:
Yes, that does seem to be the defining trait of today's "liberals"--they trust the press, they don't believe there's any bias in the press, and they share the working press corps' cheap and shallow cynicism about the government, the military, and everyone else.
Compare with this post on Lies and Statistics:
I do not dispute the bias in the Media, I do not dispute that the media has been doing a crappy job, but I do not think that any of these things have to do with how liberal the media is. (I think some of the bias has to do with our own personal biases and) I think that they have to do with how lazy and or corrupt the media is. It is easier to talk about things that you agree with than it is to really question what is going on from an objective point of view.
My question is, what if the MSM suddenly flipped? They automatically publish anything presented by the White House, and take with a huge grain of salt anything said by the other side. Would (1) the War on Terror be helped? (2) sites like Instapundit take as strong a stance on poorly reported subjects?(3) today's "liberals" still trust the press?

Do you really think that liberals trust the press? I think sites like FactCheck and Spinsanity were thought to be fairly liberal and they were both highly critical of the press during the election.
I don't know about that. I've noticed that a lot of "liberals" accuse the mainstream media of conservative bias. Personally, I think it's more complicated than the press simply being biased one way or the other. The bottom line for the media is the bottom line. Make the public believe that they will be well-informed if they watch Channel X or Newspaper Y but don't report anything that will upset one side or the other too much. It doesn't work though. Both sides get upset when the media fails to report something that supports their side.
Hmm. Good points. Some further thoughts here.
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