Owlish Mutterings
Via Instapundit: Ann Althouse seems to have been watching the same tv as me recently. You've got your basic Democratic convention, your takeoff on the convention via The Daily Show, and Amish in the City, to get away from the craziness. Amish in the City may end up being a reality show I will watch - a rarity. I was expecting the group to form us vs them cliques, which didn't happen in the first episode. I have some problem with the basic concept, but the show may be better than I would expect. Maybe.

Tom Swift
Cool: Lilek's latest Jetsam Cove offerings are Tom Swift covers. The scary thing is, I've probably read most of those books. On the other hand, I don't remember any Tom and the extraterrestrials stuff.

Democratic convention
Tried to watch it. Couldn't stand more than a few seconds at a time.  Heh. Acording to Drudge, it got horrible ratings.

Looks like Happy Fun Pundit is at it again, with a picture of Kerry's space place visit. Man, he looks stupid.

Ok, now I know why it's called a beer gut. The current plan (1) 1500-1800 cal/day (2) walk at least 2 miles/day (3) weight training 3 times /week (4) consider some sort of flexibility training. No particular high protein plans, although low simple sugars is the basic idea. Is it physically possible for me to do? Hell yes. How long can I keep with it? No idea. I am going to stick with this plan until I've lost 20 lbs, though. Enough is enough.

Lileks and panhandler
Today's bleat involves  a person asking for cash at the mall [as well as the hunt for the elusive duvet]. I've gotten into the habit of not even listening to panhandlers' speil, just saying "Thanks, no," and walking away. The basic concept is (1) I've given money in relatively large amounts through work as a last resort kind of thing (2) Given the right spot, it is possible for someone to make a pretty good hourly wage through begging (3) I tend to be a sucker for a sob story, and was getting tired of giving money and knowing it wasn't going to be used for a useful purpose.

The Llama Butchers has a review, which coincides with other stuff I've heard. Oh well, maybe Hollywood will get the message: good movies based on comics are good, bad movies based on comics are bad. Either that, or Catwoman 2 will have her beating up Michael Moore. The Blob, Juggernaut? Hmm. Any appropriate DC characters? 

All right, now I feel official: blogger lost 2 posts. [then found them again. hmm.] Which brings up a point: there is little point in my making a political blog, since I agree with nearly everything Glenn Reynolds writes. Plus, politics has never been a huge hobby of mine. So, do I keep an online diary, trusting anonymity to keep me out of trouble, or do I keep making seemingly pointless comments. Oh well.

Sandy Berger
In spite of what the Dynamist says, I have an extremely hard time believing someone could inadvertently take Top Secret plus documents, unless he was possessed by demons or something. When you have to go to a specific room to read documents, how can you inadvertently take them?

Ok, so I've had about 2 months worth of beer in the last 2 days. On the list of more beers I never have to buy again, Sunshine Wheat had very little wheat beer taste. As opposed to the Flying Dog In Heat Wheat, which I liked.

Went drinking last night with a friend, had a bunch of beers. Shiner Summer Stock left much to be desired, the others were forgettable.

Walking down the beach: Lousianax3, Oklahoma x2, Minnesota, Florida. The real question is did the guy from Florida come for Texas' beaches?

Martians and the NAACP
This strikes a cord, that I think harmonizes with something else. Got to think about it for a while, brb.

Yeah, den Beste wrote some similar things quite a few months ago. But now, maybe, some things are making their way into the mainstream.   From instapundit.

Ok, What kind of person decides that their ultimate career move is to be a library computer room monitor?

More fun
From today's Bleat from Lileks, this looks interesting. Overeducated, underemployed. Oh yeah.

From llama, via TBG
owlish mutterings Highway
Contentment Meadows8
Mt. Happiness15
Loony-Bin Lane57
Confusion Lane100
Childbirth Hospital574
Please Drive Carefully
Where are you on the highway of life? From Go-Quiz.com

Harry Potter
Saw the latest movie last night with some friends. I read the book when it first came out, as well as this morning. Some thoughts: (1) The mood of the movie and book are both darker; I think the movie succeeds in this regard. (2) I had read a review pointing out that Harry and friends spend a fair amount of time in Muggle clothes while at Hogwarts. Yes, but... This movie seems to treat Hogwarts clothes as a school uniform - Malfoy was alway prefectly dressed in robes and tie. This might be useful for a theme involving pureblood wizards vs others. (3) I like the hippogriff being rescued by Harry, then saving them from the werewolf. I liked the explanation in the book that the friends became Anamages [sp?] in order to help a kid who was a werewolf, and because of that Black's form was useful for stopping the werewolf. Those 2 are basically incompatible. (4) My issues, but... The teacher leaving... Connection: having to hide that he is a werewolf; being ashamed that he is a werewolf; voluntarily leaving the school when kids find out he is a werewolf; thinking parents will be afraid that he will turn their kids into werewolves. In the real world, the connection I make is that he is gay. Partially because, in the movie he didn't look anything like what a friend had imagined him to be. I have to wonder if that was a conscious decision.

I don't like sweetened tea. However, mango tea is a different story. Just, not much of one.

Weird titles
Bizarre. I'm using a public computer, and when I started a post the two suggestions it made for a title were Chairman/CEO and How to obtain the Throne of Grace. Things are back to somewhat normal. The only problem is, this is so not normal compared to the rest of the world. On the other hand, next to me is some guy with an Eastern European accent, getting an email from some government agency asking for his employment status, while at the same time the hard assed computer overseer is getting pissed. Whee.

1)I greatly prefer my iced tea "unsweet;" a waitress gave me a glass of sweetened tea over the weekend. It was basically undrinkable. 2)Still quite a lot of flags out on the streets, although only about a quarter of the houses on my grandfather's street had flags.

Ok I found out this weekend that my staunch Republican grandfather is for the medical use of marijuana. The War on Drugs is officially silly.

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