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Hmm, did a lot of what I think, little of who I am. I am a 37 year old white male, [using medicalspeak], gay, living in a medium sized city in Texas. I read lots of sci-fi/fantasy, preferring "soft" sci-fi to "hard" sci-fi. I went to medical school, but am not currently working as a doc. I came to the conscious realization that I was gay about 3-4 years ago. I am not nor have I ever been in a serious relationship with another man. I am out to my immediate family and close friends; I think my sexual tendencies are not anyone else's business. [There may be a better way to put that, I'll have to brood]. Anyway. I am generally bored with most sports, although watching wresting [scripted, not unscripted] with a couple of friends was fun for a while. I tend to use profanity in situations in which I think it will be useful [sometimes nothing else has the impact]. While I wish we had a useful space program, I know too many people who work/worked in the area to think that NASA is such. I was raised Methodist. I have been considering rejoining, although I will not attend church in any denomination that thinks I am automatically damned for being who I am. I like computer roleplaying and turn based strategy games. I have tried a few real time strategy games, with little success. Currently I play mostly Diablo 2; I have thought about joining a MMORG, most likely City of Heroes, Star Wars, or World of Warcraft once it comes out. So, lots of time to blog. How much inspiration will strike.... who knows.

I assume you are following Rutan's progress? Looks like several of our private space programs are really finally starting to take off (pun intended ;-)

Have you played Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic? Very good RPG.
In reverse order:I havn't played KOTR, even though it does look cool, because (1)I have a couple of games I have started but not finished (2)I don't have an Xbox, and I havn't seen reviews on how good the import to the PC is (3) the game was good enough that it was taking a while for the price to drop, and I hate paying full price for a game.

Yeah, some people are working on privately getting into space. Unfortunately, it isn't going to happen quickly enough either to save a friend's career [ie, he hates stupid paperwork even though he is good at it] nor will it get me into space during my lifetime [and I don't care if a fraction of my ashes make it to low earth orbit]. Aliens kidnapping me seems to be more likely than human based space tourism in the next century.
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