Owlish Mutterings
Mission Statement
Ok, the basic who am I and why am I doing this statement. 1)My political stance [when I take one] would be best described as engineerist. This leads to fun statements directed at me like "You're a Republican, aren't you?" 2)In the upcoming presidential election, I would be more likely to vote for Bush [whose stance on gay marriage, stem cell research, and the size of government I dislike] than Kelly [who seems to think of the War on Terror as a police action and seems to be a power junkie]. 3)I have been reading weblogs for quite a long time [in internet time and in real time]. I got into it first through the humorous aspects of Lilek's site, started reading his bleat, then started reading Instapundit and others on his recommendation. 4)I didn't start my own blog because I thought I didn't have anything to say. Finally realizing neither does anyone else, I decided to go for it. 5)Or, on the other hand, I have things to say but didn't really want anyone to hear, thus making a blog perfect. 6)I expect to be writing about personal stuff more than political. I expect to be doing more writing than linking. I expect the unexpected. 7)The writer of TexasBestGrok is a friend from high school years. It's a lot of fun reading his stuff, partially because I can add a lot of context to some of his posts, partially from the "I didn't know that" reaction I get sometimes.

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