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Regarding Mike Silverman's thoughts on the whole gun issue: When I came out to a buddy from college, one of his reactions was along the lines of: since college he knew a gay couple that feared for their physical safety at times, because they were gay. My reaction was:I live in Texas. If I was afraid that I would be bashed, I would get a gun. Guns are the great equalizer. You don't need a feudal lord if you can protect yourself from bandits. Or, to use a more contemporary example, if the people being dragged off to Hitler's death camps had guns, and had a 1:1 exchange instead [you will kill me, but I'll kill you first], you have to wonder if it could have changed things.

The few times when Jewish fighters did manage to get their hands on guns, it did change things...a couple hundreds Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto in 1943 were able to hold off the German Army for longer then the entire state of Poland did in 1939...all with a few pistols and rifles, and a couple machine guns.
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