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Two great tastes
First taste: I was going through the Sunday newspaper from 3-4 weeks ago, and saw an Ask Marilyn column asking her readers to send in a paragraph of exactly 100 words, with no duplicates, and all of only one syllable. The results are here. Second taste: I saw Aliens vs Predator over the weekend [short review: not as bad as I was expecting, a few small points could have brought it closer to the continuity of both lines, what idiot thought they needed to fight in an ancient pyramid under antartica instead of just an alien planet, did they specifically weaken the female hero to not remind people of Ripley?]. At some point this week, the thought came to me: what the world needs is Aliens vs Predator slash fiction. The mind boggles. I may try to write this thing - I keep going over sentences in my head.

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