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Geek test
Anyway, John posted a geek test on TexasBestGrok. I forgot my actual numbers, but my adjusted score was 845, making me a level4 ubergeek. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. [I've had some problems posting this. Hopefully sorted out now.]

Well, I took the test and am fairly in agreement with the results - I got an adjusted 1185 - but two things are weighing on me.

1 - I got 300 of those points because I know A BUNCH of computer languages

2 - I didn't know what the scoring table was based on. And worse, I have now made it my life's mission to hunt down the bastard that wrote this test and wring the miserable life out of his soon to be undead body. Only after reviving him and forcing him to tell me what the answer to his "based on" question will my life be complete! Then, I shall dispatch him to the netherworld to live out an excruciating life of playing jeapordy and NEVER knowing if he got a question right or what his score is.....mmuuuahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

John "UberGeek" Engstrom

p.s. I do feel kind of bad because while I think I'm an ubergeek, I'm sure there are many more worthy candidates that just didn't know as many computer languages....still, them's the breaks!
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