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So I taped the first episode of Manhunt [reviews here and here]. Watched it. It seems like the male model's version of Tough Enough, the MTV WWF get a contract with the WWF reality show from a couple of years back. The "we'll show you being a model isn't just fun and games" kind of thing. It worked somewhat on Tough Enough, because they were doing things you would actually do in the wrestling biz. Jumping out of a plane in underwear and having a photoshoot 5 minutes after being woken up at 2:30 AM are more problematic. And yeah, there's eye candy, but they're all twinks - young, thin, somewhat muscular but not too much, no body hair, no facial hair. Not my favorite. And the guy with "good eyes" - they're noticeable because they're set farther apart than normal.

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