Owlish Mutterings
Ok, so Thanksgiving was a success. I made the turkey, stuffing, [by the way, we don't stuff the turkey], jello, [man, that stuff can get rubbery when you forget to add the extra 2 cups cold water], and cranberries [one bag with sugar, one with Splenda]. Mom made a couple of other things, and various people brought various desserts [one from a bake sale, one from a bakery in Dallas, etc.] My grandfather is now officially moved to the Tiny Texas Town. I flew to Memphis, helped pack some, helped him not go crazy while the movers packed stuff and moved stuff, drove him in his car, then later got a ride with an aunt to Dallas to fly to Hobby. In between I got 2 cavities filled, which is irritating since they're still cold sensitive. I don't recall local anaethetics having mood instability effects, but the night after they were done was bad.

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