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Why people blog part 2
So that when I run into something like this, and I don't have anybody to rant to at 10 o'clock at night on a Friday, I can just type here and maybe think through this. Annoying things: 1) It strikes too close to home. I went to a private school, although not a conservative christian academy, which is probably what is involved. 2) It's way out of line. The only person I can think of that was summarily expelled was caught dealing drugs on campus. Not the guys that were using, not the idiots caught shoplifting at Six Flags. 3) There have undoubtedly been other gay or lesbian kids there. The kid's real crime in the eyes of the people running the school would have been the website - they would consider it to be proselytizing for the "homosexual lifestyle." From my standpoint it probably was a noble and useful thing to do. It's a good thing I'm not a vengeful, omnipotent god. The principal would be struck down by a meteor, preferably just after making the announcement about the kid being expelled. The principal might be a good guy, but he would be worm food, as a warning to other people cliaming to worship me. Immediately afterwards, Pat Robertson would be squashed by a grand piano that appeared out of nowhere. I need serenity. Failing that, a good buzz.

Damn - You'd make a good supreme being.

The principal definitely deserves to die.
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