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Well, I saw this first on Llamabutchers, but TexasBestGrok beat me to the link. I have more books in common with him anyway. 1. Roger Zelazney 2. David Brin [He has started a blog here. Sort of.] 3. Dan Savage 4. Robert Heinlein 5. CS Lewis 6. JRR Tolkien 7. William Gibson 8. Larry Niven 9. Diane Duane 10. William Shakespeare Update: sorry, I screwed up and bolded the ones in common instead of the ones I added. Also, the meme from The Cheese Stands Alone is much more congruent: 1. J.K. Rowling 2. William Gibson 3. Neil Gaiman 4. David Brin 5. Roger Zelazny 6. JRR Tolkien 7. Stephen Brust 8. Dave Barry 9. Stephen King 10. William Shakespeare So, bold names are the added ones.

I also have Brin and Zelazney. Were the meme-set only longer, the names I could name... Tom Maddox, Mick Farren, Philip Pullman, tons of Larry Niven, Martha Grimes... :)
Thanks for the lovely mention.

The Cheese Stands Alone
Enjoyed a lot!
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