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I'm an idiot. Did a google search in this window while writing this post. Anyway. The local game shop had a sort of mini-con Friday [2000-0800, 10-15 people showed, youngest I think was 14, oldest was either me or the shop owner, much Halo 2 and a Dragon Ball Z fighter was being played]. I ended up playing a game of Illuminati, which got silly, we tried to play Mordheim, which only sort of worked, [only 1 guy had played it before, it was late, and the printer only spewed out part of the rules before dying], although we may try it again, and I watched some people kill each other with Halo 2. It's been a while since I pulled an allnighter, but 3-4 cokes pulled me through. Fun, but, god, I've got little in common with these guys. I think. "Gay" seems to be the word of choice to describe the action in which you just got fragged. Weather's still really nice, although there's a cloudbank that could lead to some rain. Quite a few tourists. A gaggle of women won the use of one of my neighbor's apartment in a charity auction, and they're fairly loud. Not a significant problem for me, but it might be for the medical students.

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