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Life, Madri Gras, and the Tsunami
This afternoon, I was really pissed. My apartment complex is now within the cordoned off area for mardi gras this year, which I thought was going to be a good thing. Now I'm told I'll get 2 tickets per day for guests, and guests walking out of my apartment building will have to buy a ticket. This means that odds are I'll be able to get even fewer people to come to any sort of mardi gras party. Which sucks. Basically, I'm getting tired of local government trying to milk every penny out of these events, in order to pay for things I don't think they need, like a strong enough police presence that every other person is a cop. Then I read the Diplomad, and my life doesn't seem that bad. Basically, local governments don't have nearly the ability to waste money that the UN does.

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