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Mardi Gras Saturday
So my friends came down just in time to see the tail end of the Z Krewe procession and get some beads. We saw pretty much the entire shows of Trish Murphy, Shark Attack, and Hamilton Loomis. Trish Murphy I guess would be described as alt country, and was pretty good. Shark Attack I would have to describe as deep East Texas Reggae. Unusual, interesting, but not something I would normally listen to. Hamilton Loomis was fun and had lots of energy, at one point getting a miniature guitar and walking into the crowd. Listened to Survivor for 1-2 songs and bailed. No energy whatsoever. Many margaritas were imbibed. Tasty food was eaten. The Houston Chronicle has a article about low sales. It looked to me like the crowd was fairly small, and I expected more stalls to be set up. Maybe more next week.

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