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Someone recently returning from Iraq, showing his memorabilia. Including a 5.56 bullet for emergencies. Ok, suicide [in the event one is kidnapped by the enemy, and doesn't want one's death video to be a best seller]. Needs to be quick, can't be stopped by the enemy, preferably painless. Bullet: advantages Relatively sure, as long as you're using a handgun and pointing in the correct direction [I've seen a couple of failed suicide attempts where the person shot up instead of back, thus taking out some forebrain and the optic nerves [and a good chunk of face]]. disadvantages If you've got a gun and a bullet, why not take one of the bastards instead of you? Knife: advantages Somewhat sure, assuming you know your anatomy and can go through with STABBING YOURSELF IN THE HEART. disadvantages This might be somewhat difficult, likely to be at least briefly painful. If the sight of blood makes you queasy, the sight of your heart's blood gushing on the floor is likely to make for a bad couple of minutes. Poison: advantages Depends on the poison. Could be quick, sure, painless [or at least brief]. disadvantages Getting your hands on the right poison could be difficult. Likely to be uncertain. There are likely to be some possibilities I'm missing in a combat zone. Grenade? [I suspect uncertain]. The equivalent to suicide by cop? Hmm. This is not likely to get my blog out of the "weird" section. Hat tip: Beatiful Atrocities.

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