Owlish Mutterings
Went to a friend's birthday dinner last night. Small, fun gathering. Random thoughts about it: 1) It came out that an acquaintance's wife may have been cheating on him. Probably not presently. 2) The only political statement was a random anti-Bush comment. Now, after the Iraqi election. Give up the hate! 3) I still am stuck in the sit quietly, make occasional comments mode. Partially since my chiming in on my political beliefs would not have been well accepted. 4) A person was noted as having said, after spending a weekend with his daughter, that he had now spent more time with her than his father ever did with him. Which is interesting. I clearly would have liked more contact with my dad growing up, but he certainly did more than that. Raised expectations, from being a firstborn? Maybe. Spellchecker wanted to change firstborn to frostbite. :P

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