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Mardi Gras Galveston
Saw Mid-Life Crisis [note: I know one of the band members]. They had quite the turnout; someone had some fun and got some panties for various people to throw during a Jimmy Buffet cover. Overall, I think they did a good job. One original song, the rest covers. Most of the band sang at one point or another. The lead guitarist probably did the best job imitating the song, followed by the keyboardist. A little too much time between songs probably. Saw a short bit of BeauSoleil. Zydeco, sung in Creole. No thanks. [hmm, these guys are Grammy winners?] Saw Eric Johnson. Man, what a great guitarist. His stage presence is closer to a classical concert than a rock band - no jumping, the only time he was looking at the crowd was when he was singing. The bass player did some, but not enough to distract. I'm going to have to get the rest of his albums, I think. He did two acoustic songs. Seemed like a low turnout, and a much older turnout than last year.

Eric Johnson is great. I remember seeing him at a RiverFest in Austin back in summer '88. I love his original music, but his cover of Hendrix (Wind Cries Mary) is the song that stands out in my memory.
I had seen him once before, several years ago opening for The Moody Blues. Makes me want to learn the guitar, just to see exactly how difficult the stuff he was doing is.

Also makes me want to see him do a fully acoustic set in a better setting for it.
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