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Christian Witnessing, part 2
In case it's not clear, part 1 is here. Ok, so I've got this guy who's posted some comments. I find I'm responding to these comments as a blogger, as a Christian, and as a homosexual. Let's take them in that order, shall we? As a blogger, I'm a tiny part of the long tail. As such anyone bothering to look at this is welcome, and anyone taking the time to send me email or post a comment is doubly welcome. On the other hand, Probity Rules isn't so much engaging me in a conversation, he's flinging religious memes, presumably hoping some will stick. He used a humorous mention of gay marriage to quote Leviticus; he used my noting an atheist's post to quote 1 Corinthians in a concealed way, calling Paul "a former Jew" and using a version of the Bible that I would consider simplified for the modern man, seemingly trying to hide the fact he's quoting the Bible. Probity Rules is welcome to engage in a conversation; he is welcome to start his own blog, assuming he doesn't have one already. More trollish comments will be laughed at unmercifully. As a Christian, I think he's doing a horrible job witnessing for his faith. If you're going to quote the Bible, then quote the Bible, give chapter and verse, and give some context for how it applies in the present circumstance. As a starting point for where I'm coming from, I believe the Bible was inspired by God, not dictated verbatim by God, and I know personally that my being a homosexual was as directed by God as my being right-handed. As a homosexual, I'm pissed. The "God Hates Fags" meme that has invaded the Christian right is why I'm afraid for my family if I'm publicly out around them. The so-called ex-gay therapy is harmful and ineffective enough, in my opinion, that if it was being practiced by doctors there would be constant malpractice suits. And this weasel refers me to Leviticus, specifically because Jesus never said a word about homosexuality. So, I'm going to stop there, since I'm getting into Justly Angry mode, which is never a pretty sight. Comments? Go for it.

If you see multiple comments, please forgive me... Blogger's being weird.

I've been trying to say: "Well stated."
How appropriate, I now know how to permanently delete comments.
I was a little shy about linking to my blog site, primarily because it had been about two years since I posted to it and I couldn't really remember what was on it anymore. My profile should link to it now.
Secondly, my first comment was probably not in the best taste, since I did it somewhat in jest. (I had just been reading in Leviticus and the quote reminded me of the passage I mentioned.) Don't get me wrong, I still do believe the principle applies. I do not believe stuff is just thrown into the Bible for no reason.
Thirdly, I did not wish to place a facade over Scripture. I felt I needed to, however, since many people have a large number of presuppositions when they hear direct quotes from the Bible. Indeed, many have never even read the Bible and have presuppositions of what it is. Since we both believe that God inspired the Bible, I assume we can also both agree that in its very basic essence, it is Truth. As such, I wanted to share truth in a manner where the truth could be seen without the reader immediately becoming distracted and defensive because it is quoted from the Bible. It appears that once again I am in the wrong: this is clearly a type of deception. You have also clearly mentioned that you want scripture with references to the passages.
I am aggravated that I am doing such a poor job in witnessing for faith in God, so as you have better ideas, feel free to let me know.

As for you being homosexual, I will agree with you on this: there is some "God hates fags" rhetoric in our nation today. Here is where true Christianity and American cultural christianity differ. In true Love, titles never matter. Homosexual, Christian, blogger, right-handed, righteous, murderer, wealthy... ...none of these should change a true Christian's love for someone else.

As a believer, I have chosen to love you as I love myself. (Matthew 22:37-40)
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