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Instapundit linked to this New York Review of Books article on the review panel's report, which essentially takes the true, but flawed standpoint. For Example:
Moreover, if lawyers know how to hire appropriate experts even if journalists don't, why didn't the panel, which was backed by a huge law firm, hire its own experts to determine the authenticity of the documents? One suspects that if the panel had done so, it would have ended up with some experts saying the documents were reliable, others not sure. And that would have put the panel back where CBS was.
I guess I don't get it. I used to use a typewriter in high school [my handwriting was bad] for a fair number of papers. A letter written with a typewriter looks different compared to a letter written with a word processor. The only people who should not intuitively understand this are 20somethings and technological luddites who still use typewriters.

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