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Andrew Sullivan
There was a time when I was reading him daily. Around the presidential election I was checking him over a couple of times a week, and recently not at all. Yesterday, after his semi-defense of Newsweek, I delinked him. Now, given the readership of this blog it's fairly unlikely I've sent him any hits at all, so who cares. Glenn Reynolds, on the other hand, is a big deal. See also INDC.

He's a twit. He calls himself a conservative, but writes editorials saying gays can never feel truly accepted until govt grants them the sacrament of marriage. And he only went after the NYTimes because Howell Raines fired him & he wanted payback. After that, he didn't care anymore. And he told a ridiculous story about how he supposedly got HIV, because, you know, he's not like the rest of us
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