Owlish Mutterings
So, looks like this blog is going to be moving to mu.nu sometime in the future. That's partially why I haven't bothered to put back up my sitemeter [I removed it accidentally when I changed templates], nor to add stuff to my blogroll. I've been doing a survey of mu.nu blogs, going down TexasBestGrok's list. It's interesting. A fair number [5-10%] exist but haven't really started, some on hiatus. A higher proportion than I was expecting tend to be more diaries than anything else. And today was the first time I was reading a blog and unknowingly came upon a link to me. Kinda cool. And I'm coming up on my first blogaversary. More cool. Anyway, I think I need at least an owl picture or drawing as a symbol. I've looked around some, nothing has hit me yet. I could use the drawing I have for a planned owl tattoo, but since I didn't like it enough to get it inked, I don't know if I want it here either. Anyone got a way to scan a 5ftx5ft cloth panel? Hmm. Time to play with my digital camera, maybe go to the zoo.

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