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Star Wars
2 different reviews, one from BigFanboy, [hat tip: PvP], one from Variety, [hat tip: Volokh Conspiracy]. And if you're still in the mood, TexasBestGrok has a post of various Star Wars links, including the script. Pete from A Perfectly Cromulent Blog has seen it, but his review isn't up yet. His comments:
That's kind of an extremist view. Parts ruled. Parts kind of sucked. I was wishing I had a fast forward button during the early Anakin-Padme scenes, but once Obi-Wan goes to Utapau to "arrest" General Grievous, it's essentially wall-wo-wall evil and lightsaber-fu, sprinkled with the requisite wooden dialogue and goofy made-for-videogame action sequences. One Jar Jar scene, and he doesn't talk.

Review won't be up until the 18th. Big George has spoken.
Hmm, ok. Why can other places post reviews? Or is it just professional reviews that are delayed?
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