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Star Wars
So, I know this couple who see maybe 2 movies in theatres a year, who are planning on seeing the latest movie. I would like to go with them, for camaraderie. They're trying to get his parents to babysit his kid, and won't go opening weekend anyway to avoid crowds. Being the martyr, I offered to babysit if his parents can't/won't do it. So, I'd kind of like to go this weekend, partially because IT'S STAR WARS and partially because I've read so many reviews which are all over the map that I'd like to go and form my own opinion. If I knew I was going to babysit, I'd go ahead and go. Not knowing, I'm not sure I will want to see it twice [I've seen very few movies in theatres more than once. Disney's Beauty and the Beast is the last one that comes to mind].

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