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I wandered into some posts on the GayPatriot brouhaha from a couple of months ago, and it occurred to me that I know a guy who's gay and named Michael Rogers. It's a fairly common name, so it's probably not the same guy involved, but maybe.

The "Stop Michael Rogers" banner that some people are displaying on their websites has a picture of the one in that controversy. If you look around some you'll almost certainly see that banner.
I've seen the banner, and that was what got me thinking. The problem is, I haven't seen the guy I knew for 10-15 years. It doesn't really look like the mental image I have in my head of my old friend, but it isn't completely impossible either.
Did u do him?
No. At that point I thought I was straight, and he wasn't out, at least to me. He gave me a call about 5 years ago and came out to me then. At the time I was questioning my sexuality but didn't say anything about it.

Sorry, no tales of amazing sex.
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