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Tortilla Soup
So, continuing my search for the perfect tortilla soup recipe, I made a batch for some friends yesterday. Used the recipe, but: used pork loin instead of chicken [held up well, added it about halfway through the cooking]; no corn [will add it next time, unless I'm avoiding corn due to Adkin's]; no celery [fine]; didn't have cilantro or epazote on hand during cooking, so added some fresh cilantro on top of the soup at the end, which worked ok, but not great; figured out why the last batch didn't have enough heat - I didn't use any peppers from the can of chipolte peppers, so chopped up 3 peppers and used that and most of their seeds, which was a little too hot [not too hot for my friends, since they'll eat thai soup that hot, but hotter than any tortilla soup I've eaten in a restaurant].

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