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Modified Wilson's Cornbread Stuffing
Go here for the unmodified version. Modified Wilson's Cornbread Stuffing 1 whole chicken 2 bags cornbread mix [used Martha White] 2 bags stuffing mix [used Kellog's herb dressing] 3 medium eggs 2 medium onions 3 slices of stale, not moldy, wheat bread about 1 tsp. sage 1) Boil chicken. Reserve chicken stock for later use. 2) Make cornbread. 3) Debone chicken, shredding meat into bite sized or smaller pieces. 4) Coarsely chop onion. 5) Mix all ingredients [with your hands]. Add enough chicken stock [and/or water, if necessary] to gain a consistency such that the bready ingredients are starting to turn to mush. 6) Bake at 350 degrees for about an hour. The edges of the stuffing should be beginning to turn golden. The taste is relatively subtle. I might recommend adding more sage, thyme, poultry seasoning, or black pepper depending on what you like. My dad, who doesn't particularly spicy food, thought this was great, and the closest to his grandmother's stuffing he's tasted. We added the chicken meat because that was what she always did. Not a huge amount of prep time, but cooking the chicken and cornbread the day before is recommended. By the way, this recipe makes a pan of stuffing large enough that 8 people at Thanksgiving ate about half of it. Leftovers, yum!

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