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Go here for my previous post. Probity Rules made a comment on it and a post on his blog here. I misunderstood what he meant originally. And since part of my post did mention mockery ["5) Science and Religion are not enemies. People trying to claim anti-science points of view as scientific [intelligent design] will be mocked."] I apologize. From my standpoint, an all-powerful God is by definition able to have created the Earth whenever He wanted. He could have created us all yesterday, a year ago, 38 years ago [at my birth, of course], 6000 years ago or whenever. But to me that feels like cheating, like being amazed by a magician who made a woman disappear on stage an then reappears instantly across the auditorium, and then finding out he used identical twins. To me, a God that created a universe 4 billion years ago, knowing that after a certain length of time humanity would exist, is so much more awesome than a God that created a world 6000 years ago, with all species existing already, or than a God who had to continually tinker with life to create eyeballs, and legs, and hair, and... Anyway. To me that's one of the main purposes of blogs: read a post, see what strikes a cord with you, and write about it. The fact that when I reread my post I didn't notice anything mocking about it, doesn't mean it can't strike someone else differently. And obviously, it did.

I like to think any God would not be as petty & small as human beings. That's why I just shake my head at the evangelicals' idea of a God who invented the world 6000 years ago, then planted phony fossils to trick us & test us. Please. If that's what we're dealing with, we're fucked
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